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Delairco offers a range of tipping bucket rain gauges which come as heated or unheated, for measurement of rain or snow. As with all sensors, tipping bucket rain gauges (TBRG) are available to suit various accuracy requirements as well as budgets.

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges (TBRG)

Tipping bucket rain gauges are available in various resolutions and accuracies. In addition to the two brochures attached below, accuracies of 2% and 4% are available. Tipping resolutions are from 0.1mm to 1.0mm per tip.

For more information download one of the following pdf's:
TBRG 7000 TBRG 7000 (1% accuracy)
TBRG 800 TBRG 8000 (3% accuracy)


Precipitation gauge wind screen

This device minimises the formation of strong updrafts that can distort the trajectories of precipitation particles falling towards a gauge. Use of a wind screen is recommended with all precipitation gauges located in windy areas.

Event Recorder

The event recorder is a chart recorder for connecting directly to a tipping bucket rain gauge. Each tip from the rain gauge moves the chart pen up the paper. One hundred tips can be recorded from the bottom to the top of the chart.

Contact Delairco for assistance or more information at: sales@delairco.com


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